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Things to do in Sydney

The starting point for The Rocks Lantern Ghost Tour, Sydney

A Lantern Ghost Tour – A skeptics tale All places have stories. They may vary in infamy and the ability to make us scoff, gasp in wonder, or apply a healthy dose of skepticism. As a place increases in age it collects stories, and old stories grow in the minds and mouths of the storytellers, […]

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Looking out over the Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley, about 250 kilometres from Sydney, is best known as one of Australia’s premier wine regions. In recent years the Hunter Valley has earned a burgeoning reputation as the hottest music destination, with a number of wineries taking advantage of their large property to play host to big name international artists and a […]

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As a drama student of many years I have a keen appreciation of anything Shakespeare done well, so when an advertisement for Popup Globe Sydney came across my Facebook (how does it always know these things?) my interest was piqued. So much so that sitting at home one night I bought myself a ticket to […]

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