Sometimes the best of stories start, or indeed end with, the phrase; “but it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

I first got involved with GISH four years ago, after watching it grow and gain momentum for several years on Social Media. Labelling itself as the Greatest Scavenger Hunt in the world, it is as much of a movement as it is a game, bringing together people from all over the world to indulge their inner child and have fun, while contributing to something that is bigger than just themselves, a force for driving good and change for the better.

While some tasks may involve a level of unreasonable pain and suffering (this year I glued Rosemary to my eyebrows) there are also the tasks of silly fun (in previous years I have danced with a camel and been fed jelly from six feet) along with the creative (making wedding dresses out of obscure items such as recycled office paper seems to pop up regularly.) There is always an element of kindness in the tasks too. My first year I taped coins to machines in a laundromat to pay for peoples laundry, and there is always money raised for worthy causes, such as driving social change and purchasing rainforest to be preserved and protected for future generations.

Form a team and get involved. You might just make some amazing new friends and have an amazing time, while knowing that just by registering you are contributing to a good cause.

You can find out more at