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Travelling for work; what you need to travel like a boss.

Normally I’m known for my extended trips, but for both personal and professional reasons this year I seem to be travelling domestically in Australia a couple of times per month, usually for two nights. I feel like I have this down to a fine art, so I thought I would share some of my work travel tips, tricks and product recommendations to help if you need to travel for work!

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Work Travel Tips

Save space and weight

– Invest in lightweight luggage

– Pack clothes and shoes that cover multiple scenarios

– Condense chargers

– Take smaller versions of toiletries or bottles with only amounts you’ll need.

Stay packed

If you travel frequently, it saves time and stress to just leave things like toiletries packed and ready to go. Restock quantities when you return and leave it ready to go again so you can just pop your toiletries bag in the top of your case.

When bottles run low, put them aside

Now we all buy in larger quantities for use at home, but when they’re running low instead of finishing them put them aside for travel toiletries. Whenever one of my big bottles of perfume runs low it goes in my toiletry bag. Its another way of saving weight.

Know how you’re getting to the airport and when

It may sound obvious, but there’s nothing more stressful than sitting stuck in traffic as your departure time approaches. I once was running so late and was so stressed that I parked in the wrong section of the carpark and then had to spend two days worrying that my car would have been towed by the time I got back.

Know how you’re getting home

Another obvious sounding one. While I love catching the train to the airport because it takes you right there and is so much less stress, if my flight home is landing late and there’s only one train an hour it’s better and safer for me to have my car waiting for me.

Save time and money on eating out

Naturally it’s a little harder to cook and prepare food when travelling for just a couple of nights, but one of the first things I do when I get to a city is head down to the local supermarket and buy some drinks, fruit and yoghurts for breakfast and snacks. I also always pop a fold up fabric shopping bag in my suitcase.

Look around for accommodation options

Gone are the days where you were stuck with expensive hotels in order to be near the office. You can often find an Airbnb even closer!





Best Light Luggage


Now everyone has their own view on checking baggage. While I understand the appeal of carry on, the last few of my Domestic flights I’ve watched squabbles and frustration over trying to find space for everyone’s suitcase. Meanwhile I head straight to my seat, pop my satchel under the seat in front of me and pop my earphones in ready to go. It usually doesn’t take that long to have the bags unloaded and there’s an element of convenience in not having to make it through the throng of people trying to disembark to where your case has been stashed somewhere else on the plane.

Regardless of your preference, there is one universal truth. No one wants to have precious baggage weight limits taken up with heavy cases.

I love Lanza suitcases, and I have them in a couple of sizes for both my short and longer trips, or storing clothes in bushfire emergency as it happens! Super mobile and incredibly lightweight, the carryon size weighs less than 2.5 kilograms, leaving you plenty of weight to spare. The wheel design also makes them super maneuverable.

Unfortunately Amazon only stocks the 68cm size, and only in Australia. Keep an eye out for sales at Strandbags to snap up one of these!

Medium and small size Lanza suitcases



My leather satchel is essential when I’m travelling for business, enabling me to carry the things I need for my day in the office when my case is at the accommodation. It’s also what I carry onto the plane with my tablet, glasses, purse and other essentials inside.

I picked up mine locally, but Amazon stock this great leather model which is big enough for a laptop and is well reviewed.

Australian users can find it here.


Work Trip packing list


My toiletries bag stays packed.

My skin is quite sensitive, and after forgetting my cleanser one trip last year I decided to invest in extras and miniatures of the products I use and leave them in their bag, restocking at the end of each trip. When its time to travel again I know my toiletries bag just needs to be put on top in my case. I don’t have to be packing things as I use them, or risk forgetting something I need.

The Wayfarer bag fits tall bottles comfortably, and packs flat, while having a number of compartments to keep products separated and a hook for hanging on a door. Australian users can find it here.

Face Halo

I’m always on the lookout for products that help me live and travel more sustainably. I converted to the Face Halo nearly two years ago and have not looked back! Not only are they more environmentally friendly and effective at doing exactly what they are supposed to do, you can do away with carrying the makeup remover and disposable wipes too! They come in a pack of three and last for ages. When they’re done you can send them back in to be recycled.

Australian users can find them here.

Face Halo for makeup removal


Travel Bottles

If you can’t find miniatures of your preferred products then save space and weight by only taking what you need in these travel bottles. Australian users can find them here.



Multi-USB charger

This little gem is probably the single most useful thing I have when travelling, whether it’s a short domestic trip or longer international one.

There aren’t many devices that don’t charge off a USB these days, and the average joe might have three or more devices. For domestic travel I’ll usually have four, my phone, watch, tablet and powerbank. Bringing the 240V plug for each just takes up unnecessary space and weight.

Featuring interchangeable plugs this has the added benefit of adapting for international travel. Charge multiple devices at once and save weight, space and your sanity if you happen to be competing for minimal powerpoints in a hostel room! This is the product every traveler needs!

Again, I bought mine locally but this model comes highly recommended. Australian users can find it here.

Multi-USB travel charger



This is something I carry regardless of where I’m travelling. The USB outlets on planes don’t fast charge and the last thing anyone wants is a flat phone. Whether you’re stuck on public transport or in a room sometimes its easier just to pop your phone in your bag and let it charge from your bank rather than frantically look around for somewhere to plug in.

I always buy Cygnett in these. Australian users can find them here.

The average smartphone will get a couple of charges from one this size. They will charge any device that uses a USB.

Cygnett Powerbank


Digital Luggage Scale

While you may not need to pack this one, it is a must have at home if you’re dancing with the luggage limits, especially on budget airlines that hit hard on the extra fees! I have these at home and I’ve found them pretty accurate when compared to the airport scales. Australian users can find them here.

Digital Luggage Scale



Ladies, you need this!

This is a recent addition to my travel kit. On a two night visit I am going to need to wash my hair, and my hair is long and it is thick. Hotels and Airbnb’s inevitably have the cheapest, worst hair dryers imaginable, leaving my hair a frizzy, overheated mess. Not so great for marching into the office!

Not currently available on Amazon, but I can recommend my Vidal Sassoon travel dryer. Super lightweight and compact, its also pretty powerful at 2000 watts and dual voltage so great for international travel.

Vidal Sassoon travel hair dryer


Waterfit Bottle

Another new addition to my travel kit that I couldn’t happier with!

On a short domestic trip when limited on space and weight the last thing I left room for was a water bottle. Since I’m usually delivering training I’ll be talking most of the day. I inevitably bought a water bottle which would get thrown out when I was done.

I’m also a shameless coffee addict, and while I take my own cup when I buy coffee in my home office, again it wasn’t something I ever made room in a bag for. So at least two more coffee cups per day were going in rubbish.

So when I found the stainless steel Waterfit bottle browsing it was the solution to both problems!

I have the smaller 12oz size, perfect for the average regular size coffee and there is no transfer of flavour between the coffee and water. The clip open handle means I can just hang it from the strap of my satchel – no space required in either of my bags!

Australian users can find it here.

Waterfit bottle


When it comes to clothing, I’m all about versatility and multi-purpose. My suitcase contents usually consists of;

  • Two pairs black pants
  • Two tops for the office
  • Two evening tops (for those after work networking dinners but could also work for the office if needed)
  • One pair skinny jeans for going out
  • Two pair of shoes (a nice pair of sandals and black pair of ankle high boots, both of which work for the office and for going out)

My biggest clothing tip is invest in a softshell jacket. They are warm, will keep the rain off and are fine as both a work and going out jacket. They are also light and fold small, so they don’t take up precious room in the case. Mine is from Cape which I snapped up in a sale, but the Mier brand is also fleece lined and similar in style and design. Australian users can find it here.


Have you got some more tips for making life easier when travelling domestically for work? Let me know below!

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If you need to travel for work for a couple of nights, check out these tips, tricks and recommendations for making work travel easier If you need to travel for work for a couple of nights, check out these tips, tricks and recommendations for making work travel easier

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